Case 7-C


1. No matter if the paper accepted the announcement or not, the Herald was still going to have protesters and people who were going to cancel their subscription.  I feel that the paper should not have accepted the announcement.  To me it didn’t seem that they weighed their options out thoroughly before making the decision.  They lost a lot of subscribers and money due to the acceptance of the announcement.  


2. Yes, because the people in the newsroom have different beliefs on the subject than the people who want to make the announcements.  Even though the people who make the announcements did not think this was ethically correct, the people working for the Herald thought otherwise.  Reporters want to write about what people want to hear.  In this case, the straight population were appalled by this announcement in the paper.  


2. Yes, values at stake are bigger in a smaller community because there are less people with the same beliefs.  Where as in a big city you have a bunch of different people, who all have different beliefs.  I feel that a big city should have announced something on this issue before a smaller community.  I feel that once a big city announced it, a smaller community could ease its way into the situation a little bit easier.  


Citizen McCaw

After watching Citizen McCaw I think it is difficult to tell the truth and aim to make a profit.  If you tell the entire truth it can end up having negative effects on the writers, publisher, and even the people who are involved in the story.  On the other hand, by lying, they would try to make a profit and keep their paper business alive.  The publisher can put whatever he or she wants in her newspaper.  For example, when Wendy McCaw would publish stories on environmental issues rather than publish something that was going on around the community around them.  By doing publishing these stories it discredited the paper even though these stories were to catch the attention of the readers. 

            What Wendy McCaw did cost the Santa Barbara News-Press more than just profits the company it was making.  It was losing the people who worked for McCaw and the people who read her material also faded away.  The employees who were fired and resigned were very upset with what McCaw was trying to do.  She spent a ton of money in court and this caused a negative view over the paper and what Wendy was doing.

            What I don’t understand is why would McCaw only go for Santa Barbara with a local newspaper? McCaw was very sketchy while the court hearings were going on.  She would not comment on any of the questions that were asked by the media and had her lawyer do all the explaining for her.  I guess the world will never know what McCaw’s intentions truly were. 


Time Warner

To whom this may concern,

There are numerous benefits of magazine advertising that can help Time Warner.  Consumers pay attention to magazine ads just as much as they do television ads.  In fact, they are able to look study the product you are trying to advertise as long as they would like.  Magazine ads don’t annoy the customer, and they are seen as a useful device.  They also provide important detail and are easier to read in a magazine than in a newspaper.

 People who read an advertisement out of a magazine can engage in the product and it can lead them to visiting one of our stores.  It can also lead customers to recommend the product to a friend or visiting our companies website. By having news paper ads, we can increase the popularity of our company and expand our sales to new levels. 


Advertising Sales Specialist


Chapter 6 Discussion

In class we discussed the topic of Internet cookies and how people can view what you search through your computer.  People can also look through your personal files through Internet cookies.  Internet guru’s can find out passwords to your email and can find out your credit card numbers.

 In the video clip that we watched, it showed how people running the political campaigns look through your cookies to see everything you search to see what your interests are.  They can find out what you Google, what your favorite sports are or even what your favorite shopping stores are.  


“Veil of Ignorance”

As one of the show’s viewers I would feel bad watching somebody getting embarrassed on national television.  I would also feel bad for the family that the predator was related to.  By one person messing up, the others around that person should not be punished or humiliated as well.  I agree that the predator should be severely punished, but not his family.  If I were related to the predator, I would not want to see how the authorities caught him.  Yes, I would be upset with him or her, but I would not want to visually see how everything went down.  Especially if I was with another person that I was not related to.  I wouldn’t feel secure if my child saw this happening to his or her relative as well.  I also wouldn’t want to envision this type of activity happening this to my own child.  This type of activity would be better off if it was not nationally televised.  By having it in the newspaper is plenty good enough.  


Potter Box


In the story the Jessica who works for the local newspaper is seeing Sergeant Schenck.  They want to keep their relationship secret, because they do not want the town thinking that they are giving extra information to each other. 



They decided to let the town know that they were seeing each other because they felt that people within the town would find out anyway.  They wanted to make it clear to everyone that even though they were seeing each other, they kept their work and relationship life separate from each other.  They wanted to be truthful to everyone and not seem like they were hiding information from anyone. 



They were loyal to the city and themselves by keeping their job and relationship life separate.  They wanted it known to the people around them that they were going to be truthful and stick to their commitments. 



Later on in the case study, Jessica decided that she wanted to start cover stories on education.  Sergeant Schenck would never report anything about work, because Jessica could easily tell someone at her job about the secret information he says.




Ethical Critique of “Network”

2.  The television landscape today has grown and changed significantly from the landscape depicted in Network.  In today’s television landscape there are numerous stations that have their own opinion on everything.  In Network, there are only a couple of main television sources that people can view.

 By having numerous television stations, everyone is able to have their own belief on what information they hear.  This creates people sharing their opinion to other people, and eventually everyone gets the story confused.  During the time of there were only a few channels who were biased on what information they received.  With the technology that we have today, we are able to receive a lot more information in a smaller time span than in Network.  


 7. As time goes on, technology will continue to increase.  People are able to receive information a few minutes after an event takes place with social media we have today.  Where as if you were trying to receive this information by reading a newspaper you would have to wait until the next day. 

 Yes, Internet sites can mislead you at times and give you incorrect information.  However, if you are researching from a liable source you are able to receive the correct information.  They may exaggerate on some information, but they also show you video footage from the scene of the event. 

 Another difference between the Internet and a newspaper is that Internet sites give you a summary of all the information that happened in an event.  When you read a newspaper you have to read the entire story just to find the important events.  Also, not every story or event you are looking for will be in the newspaper.  The Internet is more than likely to have anything you are looking for.   If you cannot find it through a local website, you will most likely find the information through a social media site.