Violent News Event

The violent news event that I chose was on how a Belleville woman who burned her great-grandmother alive for her bingo winnings. 

 The Belleville News Democrat published an article and a video on the event.  I feel that the author goes into too much detail on how the event occurred.  They are basically telling people who read this how you can carjack someone and how to end up killing that person.  I believe that they should have just kept the story short and explained that the lady had followed the great-grandmother and killed her for her earnings and leave it at that.  By explaining this story in detail, the viewers have to visualize what actually went down and this can affect other people who are not familiar with the people involved.  Also, this makes the family of the prosecutor embarrassed that a member of their family was willing to kill someone for 130 dollars.

 In the video that is shown, I feel that they did a good job showing the emotions on the family and how hurt they were about the event.  I also believe that they did a good job not showing any of the crime scene and only showing how embarrassed the killer was.  They only showed a brief photo and the killer trying to hide her face in embarrassment.  It told me that the lady felt that it was a miserable decision that she will regret her entire life and that it was not worth the money. 

 Overall, this story was only televised around the Metro-East and St. Louis area.  I believe that showing how hurt the family was is a good thing.  It can leave other people feeling upset and how stupid it can be to kill someone over 130 dollars.  After I saw this on television, it made me ask myself, “How can killing someone for that small amount of money be worth spending the rest of your life in jail?” 


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