ICE 11/14: Michigan teacher fired for Trayvon Martin hoodie fundraiser

After reading this article, I felt sick to my stomach.  For people to think it is ok to kill someone because they are walking in a certain neighborhood or because of the kind of clothing they are wearing disgusts me.  What do you think Zimmerman had in mind when pursuing this child with a gun?  What do you think Martin had in mind when he saw this stranger approaching him with a gun?  OK.  As far as the child having a hoodie on, hoodies do not represent crime.  If you think so then maybe you should contact the manufacturers.  I do believe people should have a chance to explain their actions if possible, but I do not believe that no one has the right to kill someone for walking or for my thoughts.  For the one who thought that Martin was breaking the rule of walking – where is there a rule or law against walking with tea and candy.  Zimmerman was instructed not to approach the individual, but he did.  He broke the rule and he shot the child and he should have been arrested.  Martin did not have any type of weapon and he should not be dead.  How did the police allow him to leave, but was it because his father was an ex-judge?  If these types of incidents continue, we do not have much of a future left for us.  What in the world was Zimmerman thinking? Remember this child was created by God and no one has a right to destroy it.  Remember Karma because it does not always come back to you personally, it could come to your family or love one, but it will come.


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