Ethical Scenarios

I chose to do the scenario over Plagiarism and Attribution.  This wasn’t as intriguing as I thought it would be, but it was still difficult in a way that I had to really think about what choices I would make if I was in that position. Basically a reporter had researched other papers and taken notes as well as adding in some of her own “claiming it was all common knowledge” and after the story published, another reporter called and claimed that she used information from her article without giving her credit: calling her out for plagiarism. They presented me with several choices and they were to immediately issue an apology and give her credit for her stories or go to the editor and show him and also explain to him what was happening. However, I feel that there should have been a worse consequence than an apology.  I feel that this writer should have been fined for his actions.  I chose this because a reporter cannot publish a story without the consent of the editor. If you are qualified to be a reporter then there should be no reason why you cannot publish your own story.  It shows me that you are being lazy because you cannot write your own paper.  Also you need to inform the editor what is going on because the story was published in his paper and he needs to know about things of such high offense. A publisher should know that he or she couldn’t get away with this type of stunt.  He or she should also feel ashamed and guilty for even thinking about coping somebody else’s hard work.  This goes under Being Accountable in the SPJ Code of Ethics.



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