Tragic Photo from Columbine Shooting


1. I do not feel that this photo should have been made publicly due to all the tragic events that happened during this shooting.  By showing this picture, all the families of the innocent victims get to see how their son or daughter passed away that day.  Everyone who saw this was mentally hurt by this photo and will always have this image stuck in the back of their heads when they think of the Columbine Shooting. 

2. This photograph will send the people who survived the shooting and the families of everyone in the town into further trauma.   Also, friends of the victims and other students will also go into future trauma.  This tragedy is probably still stuck into some of the peoples minds who witnessed the event.  

3. I do believe the photographer is at the least obtrusive distance as possible.  He is in a helicopter above the school and as far away as you can be from the incident.  I feel that the photographer is at a respectable length and is not in anyones way.  

4. This photographer is not acting with compassion or sensitivity.  They are using this horrifying moment just to  make a few bucks.  This photographer did not think about the victims family and how this would mentally affect them.  This photo should not have been made public!


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